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The Villagers

By working together, with everyone contributing what they can, a greater good is achieved.

Thank you for your generous donations!


The Hirschhorn family

The Fieland family

The Genshaft family

The Forman family

Mary Mocarsky

Debra Garcia

Stanley Wilson

Richard Sacher

Bill and Barbara Sutro

Jodi Weinblatt

Judy Adelman

Eleanor Pascual

Myrna and Robert Kramer

Gem Sensations, Inc.

Ilyse and David Ruiz

The Geffner Family

Sue and Barry Cohen

Janice and Joseph DiGennaro

Richard and Rhoda Gould

Paul and Stephanie Regensburg

Susie and Sandy Ingber

Barbara and Arthur Langer

Joyce Ehrler

Judy Weiss

Jamie and Dave Kivo

Donna and Kenneth Turello

Mary Sheehan

Meaghan Potter

Matthew Trimboli

Stacey Stevens and Joel Heimowitz

Linda and Lee Eichenbaum

Stacey Subdhan

Denise Luca

Heather Catandella

Daniel and Deborah McGee

Barbara Kelly

Ryann Kramer

Phil Edelson

The Hecht Family

The Herzlich Family

Sue Gavin

Marc and Marjorie Richter

Jaime and Eliot Horowitz

DeCrescito Family

Chris Kozak

Aidan Owens

Fred Leighton

Mindy Cassano

Carol and Vic Cassano

Natalie Gillego

Debbie and Hector Grinacoff

Paula and Peter Esposito

Jason Cohn

Cary and Alan Cohn

Jillian Kivo

Joan Farrell

Poochie- Balloons a la Mode

Yama's Braids 'n Beads

Mark Savage

Ben Carlow

Brittany Cofman

Shane Helfner

Jodie Abelson

Alex Sommer

Sam Cunningham

Dana Cohen

Tracy Cassandro

Daria Kelly

Curtis McCalla

Penny Flakowitz

Sara Hunter

Matt Steinhauser

Emily Chen

Meaghan Potter

Matthew Joachim

Patrick Salvatore

Wendy & Mark Adelman

Susan & Marc Meyer

Jill Tivin

Shari Schulner

Zara Richman

Mikel Richman

Tyler Gildin

Lili Azrak

Amanda Schwebel

Arielle Speciner

Abby Browne

Allison Dender

Hannah Beck

Kamil Wyrzykowski

Allie Leff

Lindsay Gina

Ashley Gildin

Amanda Draizen

Amy Zabusky

Rena Damon

Andrea & Max Stroud


























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